Pulling a log out of a stack and the Physics behind it!

Pulling a log out of a stack and the Physics behind it!

I was having my evening walk with my wife. On the way I saw two persons trying to pull out a long log of wood from a stack of such similar logs and planks. They were pulling hard, but they could not even after we walked past them. I told my wife, if one of them lifted the planks above the log of wood which they pulled and the other pulled the log simultaneously, it could have been easier for…

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Nature of Electromagnetic Waves

Nature of Electromagnetic Waves

When we represent the frequency, amplitude, and wavelength of any electromagnetic radiation on a graph we see a wave like in water. Is this just a geometric representation or do the “packet” aspects of these waves actually move physically like the mathematical representation.

Asked Jack Cassidy

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A Website for Physics Learners

A Website for Physics Learners

I started a website for students upto class XII (www.physicsfundas.com)getting inspiration primarily from the website http://www.physicsclassroom.com a few years back. Today I had a revisit to the site and I was astonished the way it had grown.

PhysicsClassroom.comThe website has ow various sections = Physics Tutorial, Multimedia, animations, review sections amd many more. Earlier it had only the online tutorial.…

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I am reading - “the POWER of YOUR subconscious MIND” - Dr. JOSEPH MURPHY

I am reading – “the POWER of YOUR subconscious MIND” – Dr. JOSEPH MURPHY

From the childhood years I was very much fascinated by mind and its working. When my grandfather told me about the conscious, subconscious and unconscious mind, my interest grew manifold. After many years I got chance to study psychology and read many books from The British Library, Thiruvananthapuram when I was doing BEd. The Sigmund Freud’s theory of id ego and super ego was a very attractive…

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Air Pressure Again

A metal box, opened on the top, in put on the ground, then it’s closed welding a metal surface on it, in order to obtain a parallelepiped full of air.

Air and Liquid Pressure

Air and Liquid Pressure

Does air pressure in a capped bottle is different as that of open bottle??

If not and the atmospheric pressure in a closed container is same as that of the surroundings let 1bar at sea level, if i consider a
tube both end open and dip one end in water (like pipette in chemistry lab) and close the other by thumb, water remain
hanged in the tube..  if we say it is because the atmosphere that pushes…

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Want to learn fast? Be SMART!

Want to learn fast? Be SMART!

In this busy world everyone wants to save time. Being students, learning is our primary job. To save time, we need to learn faster. But how?

The first step is to have a SMART goal!

S – Specific

Time Management

M – Measurable

A –  Achievable

R – realistic

T – Time Bound

Having a Specific Measurable Achievable Realistic and Time Bound – SMARTgoal will increase your efficiency to grasp ideas…

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Problem from Work

Suresh pushes a create with a mass of 50KG down a slope with a rough surface, using a pushing force of 45N parallel to the slope downward. The slope is 2m in length. The inclination of the slope is 40 degrees. The crate starts at rest at the top of the plane. the frictional force between the plane and the crate is 140N. calculate the net force exerted on the crate.

Asked Sadashni

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Dielectric slab problem

when a dielectric slab of thickness 6 cm is introduced between the plates of parallel plate condenser, it is found that the distance between the plates has to be increased by 4 cm to restore to capacity to original value . the dielectric constant of the slab is ?

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